Charoite Gemstone Sphere (A033)


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This stunning sphere is handcrafted from Charoite , it measures approximately 50mm. Charoite is an unusual and rare mineral, first discovered in Russia in 1947 and its found only in the Chary River at Aladin Russia. Metal stand is included with sphere.

This piece is not only stunning but it carries positive healing energy and its sure to brighten any space. This piece would make a great addition to your collection, give as a gift or used for healing.

Healing Properties of Charoite:

Charoite is a Stone of Transformation and of power, it transforms negative emotions such as anger and fear into positive feelings and it allows release of negative emotions. Charoite is also a stone of inspiration, bringing enhanced creativity, spiritual growth, and showing new possibilities even in old situations. 

This is a stone that allows us to see clearly which brings with it enhanced self-esteem and helps release one from victimization. Charoite can enhance or bring courage, inner strength, and appropriate assertiveness.