Septarian Gemstone sphere (A027)


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This Beauty measures approximately 58.42mm (2.5 inches) in diameter, metal stand is included. Septarian is a "concretion" stone a combination of calcite, chalcedony and aragonite. This piece is not only stunning but it carries positive healing energy and its sure to brighten any space. This piece would make a great addition to your collection, give as a gift or used for healing.

Crystal Spheres are representatives of the Universe and everything contained in it. Spheres are synonymous with the "whole" person. Including consciousness, mobility, non-attachment, self-containment and a powerful mind. Tied to our spiritual nature, these spheres allow for our purity, clear mind and flexibility to emerge.

Healing Properties of Septarian:

Septarian is an excellent support for self nurturing, caring about others, and caring for the earth. In incubates ideas and assist in bringing them to fruition , harmonizes emotions and intellect with the higher mind. 

Enhances the ability to communicate within a group, healers can use it for diagnosis and insight into the cause of disease and has the ability to focus the bodies own healing power.  

Activates the Base, heart, throat and third eye.